New Frontier

The game The New Frontier was truly disappointing to say the least, after first launching the game you’re forced to watch a tutorial that you can’t skip on how to play an FPS game and its not a short tutorial it almost made me quite the game but its a free game and I need something to play I waited then found there was only about three (3) players online and many many servers to pick from I joined an empty server because I wasn’t really paying attention during the tutorial. Limited AI that you couldn’t kill, I’m new so i want to kill things like the guy at the train ticket counter couldn’t. I did find many doors to buildings locked but windows open right next to the door whats the point if I can get in anyways maybe testing reasons its locked because the back door was open. After not being able to kill anything because only AI i seen was store AI and mission AI and didn’t see a train in my short stay I quit the game.

In short, lack of things to do in this game way too early for public missing animations, and things to kill, maybe its PVP only type of game but with 3 players need stuff to kill.

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