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We'll be adding support for "Ghost In The Shell - First Assault", This is a fun free FPS game kinda like combatarms.

GameLink: http://store.steampowered.com/app/369200/

Ingame Name: DeL3v
// Jul.21.2016 10:34 AM [L3]De[v]
[Poll] Are you getting BF1?
Maybe - Need to update the PC first 0
Not for PC. 0
Topic Locked Unable to vote.
With battlefield 1 just around the corner (October 21, 2016), we here at L3git Tactics is getting ready to hit the ground running and would like to know who's all getting ready for BF1 ? But remember this is an EA title and they have let us down before with all this hype crap. Just keep that in mind before you spend loads of money on computer upgrades but knowing a lot of you maybe it's time to update that computer anyways. As most of us remember our friend @TcRider he upgraded just his video card back in P4F and was able to get a few kills
// Jul.08.2016 07:46 AM [L3]De[v]
At this time L3git will be adding Moving Hazard to our supported games list, Its a new game on steam its a FPS game with zombies that you can use as weapons. it's really fun. The down side is not a lot of people know about it so does't really have many players.

// Jun.26.2016 09:31 AM [L3]De[v]
At this time I'm currently working on "rewriting" page URL'S this requires me to change a few things like links, images and ect.. with that said you might experience a few interruptions within the functions of L3git.com please report any pages you experience problems with.

-> Old url: http://l3git.com/index.php?p=topics;1
-> New url: http://l3git.com/topics;1

on that page cuts down the url by 12
// Jun.24.2016 05:42 PM [L3]De[v]
[Poll] What game type do you mainly play?x
FPS - First Person Shooter(s)
RTS - Real Time Strategy 0
RPG - Roll Playing Games 0
Topic Locked Unable to vote.

We'd like to hear from you on what game type you mainly play, feel free to vote in the poll and/or leave feedback on this post. If we didn't list the type you like let us know.
  • FPS - First Person Shooter(s)
  • RTS - Real Time Strategy
  • RPG - Roll Playing Games

    • // Thank you for your feedback
// Jun.23.2016 10:35 AM [L3]De[v]
Welcome back to our site, L3git is working around the clock to fix its website to get it ready for up new and upcoming launch. Our main focus right now is cleaning up the website and fixing a few of the annoying bugs. Feel free to leave feedback.

No we don't have a Teamspeak or a voice server yet. We'll get one when the time comes please DON'T post the one you use. No we don't know what game(s) we'll support yet I'll be talking with my admin to see what he'll what to do. Maybe we can play teamspeak again.
// Jun.22.2016 01:31 PM [L3]De[v]
Hey guys, Hope all is going well I've been busy I can't wait for a good game to come out so we can have something to do.

Souls, TC, LA, Scorp, the other guy.
// Aug.27.2015 01:19 PM [L3]De[v]
Our current teamspeak3 server will be going offline. We are looking at a few games that allow us to host our own servers and if we(I) get into them we will host our own teamspeak3 server on the server we rent to have more control over it.
// May.04.2015 01:32 PM [L3]De[v]
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